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Brigade Journal

Image - Brigade Journal Image - Brigade Journal
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Church Lad's Brigade Archives and Museum
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Nom de l'objet : Brigade Journal
Artiste ou artisan : Francis Herbert White
Type de l'objet : Journal
Classification de l'objet : Man-made Artefact
Catégorie de l'objet : Communication Artefact
Sous-catégorie de l'objet : Documentary Artefact
Discipline : History
Local History
Material Culture
Matériaux : Paper
Technique de fabrication : Printed
Numéro d'accession : NoAccession19
Fabricant : Herald Job Print
Province d'origine : Newfoundland and Labrador
Pre-confederation Newfoundland
Pays d'origine : Canada
Dominion of Newfoundland
Continent d'origine : North America
Province d'utilisation : Newfoundland and Labrador
Pre-confederation Newfoundland
Pays d'utilisation : Canada
Dominion of Newfoundland
Culture : Canadian
Pre-confederation Newfoundland
Contexte culturel : Para-Military Publication
Date de fin de production : 1911
Période : Early 20th Century
Description : This artefact is the first Methodist Guards Brigade journal entitled Guards' Trumpeter, printed in the early 20th century at St. John's, Newfoundland. The cover of the journal states it was produced in commemoration of the Methodist Guards eleventh anniversary 1900 " 1911. The top section of the cover contains a number of hand drawn images that pertain to the Brigade and have all been printed in blue ink. In the foreground are two crossed flags on staffs. The top flag is the British Union Flag; this flag contains the only colour in the cover with the St. George and St. Patrick having been printed in red. Under the Union flag and pointing to the right is the Brigade flag. The flag consists of a blue field divided by a white stripe running from top left to bottom right corner. The initials M.G.B. are emblazoned in descending order on the stripe. In the top space between the two crossed flags is the brigade crest, which consists of two crossed rifles. The rifles are surrounded by a grater that houses the word "Guards" on the bottom and the brigade motto "Faithful and Ready" at the top. In counter clock wise fashion surrounding the flags starting at the left are a depiction of a football match; rifle range; and regatta. The bottom section of the cover is made up of a photograph of the Brigade on parade. The whole cover has been framed by a thin double lined boarded. The Journal consists of advertisements for local businesses and articles on the primary brigade activities, including a number detailing inter-brigade sporting events. The articles have been written by prominent members in the brigade such as Lieutenant Eric S. Ayre on inter-brigade rifle competitions.
Commentaires : Originally called the Epworth Guards, the Methodist Guard's Brigade was formed in St. John's in September of 1900. The Methodist Guards were formed to the standard set by the Church Lad's Brigade. By December of 1900 there were 60 lads in the ranks of the Guards. In the beginning the Guards drilled in the CLB armoury on King's Road until a few years later when their own armoury was built on Springdale Street. Unlike the CLB, the Methodist Guards were purely a City Brigade. Their uniforms were similar to the CLB's, though they had white instead of yellow facings. The Guards prided themselves on their public appearance in uniform and such attention was noted by Governor Davidson in 1914 during his review of the Newfoundland Regiment. The Guards armoury burnt down in December of 1912 and was never rebuilt. The Guard's survived for a time in the post war years, parading in 1924 with the other city brigades at the unveiling of the National War Memorial in St. John's, but they eventually folded as an organization.
Fonctions : This is the first issue of the Methodist Guard's Brigade journal, published for the 11th anniversary of the Brigade. This copy was donated to the Church Lad's Brigade archives after the 1992 fire. In the period of the denominational brigades in Newfoundland, the CLB had a strong commitment to inter-brigade activities.
Hauteur : 30
Largeur : 23.2
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Nombre d'objets : 1
Nombre de parties composantes : 1
Nom des parties composantes : Journal
Étiquette ou poinçon : In commemoration of Eleventh Anniversary - M.G.B
Guards' Trumpeter
1900 - 1911
Publisher Francis Herbert White
Faithful And Ready- Guards
Herald Job Print
Établissement : Church Lad's Brigade Archives and Museum
Ville de l'établissement : St. John's
Province de l'établissement : Newfoundland and Labrador
Site web de l'établissement : http://www.theclb.ca 

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