Nom de l'objet : photograph
Numéro de catalogue : PHO9240
Numéro d'accession : 1999.0009.0960
Municipalité d'origine : Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Description : Colour postcard showing 'Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe, Nevada'. Message reads: 'Aug 28th 09 Dear Fred, I came up here for my vacation this year and have been having a fine time fishing & riding. You have been in my thoughts very often when I have been in a boat or on a raft on a little lake fishing for you taught me how. Asa'. Possibly Asa Beedy.
Nombre d'objets : 1
Département : B.C. Heritage Branch
Établissement : Barkerville Historic Town  Facebook-Barkerville Historic Town  Twitter-Barkerville Historic Town 
Ville de l'établissement : Barkerville
Province de l'établissement : British Columbia

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