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Image - painting
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Nom de l'objet : painting
Titre : Himself and the Virgin
Artiste ou artisan : Marie Elyse St. George
Catégorie de l'objet : painting
Médium : acrylic
Support : masonite panel
Numéro d'accession : 1997.32
Titre de l'exposition : 1998-1999 MAG, Saskatoon, SK. 6 Nov-10 Jan
1999 MAG, Saskatoon, SK. 15 Jan-7 Mar
Province d'origine : Saskatchewan
Pays d'origine : Canada
Continent d'origine : North America
Culture : Canadian
Date de fin de production : 1996
Description : According to the artist, "Himself" often refers to the devil. "HIMSELF AND THE VIRGIN" When she wakes it is no surprise to see him standing there at the foot of the bed, no surprise that he is, or seems to be, human - a man. For as long as she can remember she has known that he was approaching. She has known this even before she could see so much as a dot on the line of distance. And he has, after all, been patient enough. Sometimes his pace has speeded a little, sometimes it has slowed. Slow Fox she called this entity as she danced around the living room with her dad - slow slow quickquick slow - it had taken her a long time to learn that. At first she had wanted to do only the fast bits. They had made her feel so excited, so giddy - quickquick quickquick quickquick. At six she encountered him as a virus, the pain and exhaustion, the hightie soaked in sweat, the cold drink from her mother's cold hand. At eight she recognized him as the bacillus peering back at her from the other end of her brother's microscope. At ten, through a telescope, she spied him as a small lone star pricking the distant cloth of night. Then from baskets and vases, spilled out on shelves and tabletops, spore of fern, seed of poppy. In flowerpots faint wriggle of mite and tick, hop of leafminer, darting of fungus gnat. Something always coming nearer, getting larger. At twelve she saw him as a single bird, one of a vast flock, winging its way over the ocean, falling exhausted on the shore, resting for days on the far edge of the continent. That's when she decided to sleep a hundred years, more or less, wrapped in the muslin of her dreams, so as not to fret at his slow passage. Today her lust has awakened her. For five minutes she silently watches him just standing there, staring hotly into her eyes. Then, what did you bring me? she asks, what, not a mushroom, not a flower, not even a map of the universe? She doesn't, of course, expect an answer, or a gift for that matter. This is a man of glass, she realizes. It's not difficult to see through him, his satanic intentions. She smiles. He leaps upon the bed. She strikes him with the only weapon she has - an idea for a dream, a plan for the last journey, that inevitable dance. From now on, she tells him, we will always move hand in hand, both in the same direction. Never again will they suffer the anxieties, the constraints, the excitements of their long-feared, their long-desired meeting. (Ann Szumigalski)
Hauteur : 23.6
Largeur : 21.5
Profondeur : 3.9
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Nombre d'objets : 1
Étiquette ou poinçon : In black marker ink on white label, verso lc: "Himself and the Virgin" // acrylic on board 1996 // 10 x 6.5 cm $1300.00 // M. Elyse St. George // 711 Preston Ave., // Saskatoon, S7H 2V1 // Ph. 374-5493 or 653-2014 (studio)
Sujet ou image : allegory
Signature : In black marker ink, verso c: M. E. ST. GEORGE
Translittération de l'inscription : In black marker ink, verso stretcher and panel, tc to c: OIL STAIN ON FRAME // ACRYLIC MEDIUM FOR GLUE // WHITE GLUE // FOR PTG // INSERT // FINISHED // MAY 22/96 // [SIG]
Département : Collections
Publications ou références : 1 (Vol. 18, ___?): rep ro. cover
Établissement : Mendel Art Gallery
Ville de l'établissement : Saskatoon
Province de l'établissement : Saskatchewan
Site web de l'établissement :   Facebook-Mendel Art Gallery  YouTube-Mendel Art Gallery

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