Nom de l'objet : Print
Titre : Spirit
Artiste ou artisan : Noah, William
Autre artiste : Oosuaq, Barnabus
Noah, Martha
Rôle de l'autre artiste : Printmaker
Catégorie de l'objet : Print
Médium : Stonecut
Support : Paper
Numéro d'accession : G-86-177
Pays d'origine : Canada
Continent d'origine : North America
Culture : Inuit
Date de fin de production : 1970
Description : One of Noah's most famous prints, this work in spite of its title, shows a performing shaman fully masked. The Eskimo viewer, entranced is made to see the inner organs and skeleton of the shaman. With dark, brooding colours, Noah has created a perceptive image of ritual that was central to the shamanic belief system.
Commentaires : Though no shaman can explain to himself how and why, he can, by the power his brain derives from the supernatural, as it were by thought alone, divest his body of its flesh and blood, so that nothing remains but his bones," writes Knud Rasmussen of the shamans of the Iglulik Eskimo. "And he must then name all the parts of his body, mention every single bone by name .... By thus seeing himself altogether freed from the perishable ... flesh and blood, he consecrates himself to his great task, through that part of his body which will longest withstand the action of sun, wind and weather, after he is dead." (Rasmussen, Iglulik, p. 114)
Hauteur : 48.5
Largeur : 61.3
Unité de mesure linéaire : cm
Objets associés : G-80-135 (Print-Drawing)
Sujet ou image : Shaman
Département : Inuit
Établissement : The Winnipeg Art Gallery  Facebook-The Winnipeg Art Gallery  Twitter-The Winnipeg Art Gallery  YouTube-The Winnipeg Art Gallery
Ville de l'établissement : Winnipeg
Province de l'établissement : Manitoba

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