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CCPERB - Humanities

Field label
Field mnemonic
Field name
  • Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board
  • Commission canadienne d'examen des exportations des biens culturels
Field definition
This field contains information concerning the Certification of Cultural Property for Income Tax Purposes application and/or designation by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board. This information could include the application date, application reason, reference number, meeting date, certification, certificate number, estimated fair market value, and/or cross reference to accession or catalogue numbers of the object.
NOTE: This field has NOT been updated as part of the May 2010 Data Dictionary update. Priority for the Data Dictionary update was given to those fields that are required or strongly recommended for Artefacts Canada contribution. The Entry Rules for this field will be updated at a later date.
Entry rules
Enter the data, separating multiple entries by a semicolon and a space.
Cataloguers rules
See also, CCPERB (CCOERB), Board OK Tax Receipt (BMTX), Board OK CCPERB (BMC).
Data type
alpha-numeric string
  • Major work by this artist
  • 19840417 ?
  • 86-230
  • CDN $18000.00
  • 87-54 ref. no.
  • no certification
  • 87.44.2 cross ref.
  • unknown
  • CP 7892
  • 19840000 ?
  • oeuvre importante de cet artiste
  • 19840417 ?
  • 86-230
  • 1800.00 $ CA
  • 87-54 no ref.
  • no de l'attestation
  • renvoi 87-44-2
  • inconnu
  • EBC 7892
  • 19840000 ?
  • Administration
  • User's Conference 1990
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Field mnemonic (French)

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