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Jobs posted will be displayed on the Canadian Heritage Informatin Network's (CHIN) website. Postings will be deleted automatically following the posting deadline.

Change the language(s) of your posting

In which language do you want to enter your information?

Select the language or languages in which you wish to post the job and press the button “Change the language(s).” By checking both boxes, you can enter information in both English and French.

(Select one or both. NOTE: Changing your choice after you have entered information will clear the form.)

Enter your job information

Job Title Please do not write in all caps

Use lowercase; for temporary positions, select the “Temporary Job” checkbox below.

Organization Omit "The" (jobs can be sorted by organization name).

Select the Country, the province and the region or city.

If your city is not listed in the options below, select the closest region to the job’s location and indicate the job’s city in the “Other Location Information” field below.

If the job is outside of Canada, Canadians must be eligible to apply.


Include http:// to ensure the link functions.

Salary Information

This information is very useful to job seekers. The "Salary Information" field can contain either numbers or text.

Job Description

The job description may be entered as plain text. For example a Word document should be copied and pasted into a text application such as Notepad and then reformatted as necessary, before pasting it into the following abstract box.


You may add the full report by entering the file name in the box below or by using the Browse button to select the document file.

Select "Browse" to locate the job description file in your computer’s directory. Click "Open" to add the file to the job posting.

(Note: Your file may become unattached if the page is reloaded.)

After verifying the information (e.g. did you enter the date in the correct format of YYYYMMDD - including the hyphens), press "Submit". If successful, you will see a confirmation message.

For help or information, contact CHIN.

This service is for paid employment or paid internships; for volunteer positions, please visit Volunteer Canada (

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