Artifact analysis and examination request

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) offers scientific, analytical, radiographic and photographic services to study the materials, structure and light sensitivity of artifacts and works of art.

Examples of service include:

  • Documentation and analysis of artifacts and works of art
  • Physical and chemical analysis of samples such as pigments, corrosion products, wood, natural and synthetic fibres, metals and alloys, organic materials, etc.
  • Scientific studies in support of museum acquisitions of artifacts and works of art and investigations by law enforcement agencies related to questions of attribution, authenticity and fraud
  • Microfade testing to identify objects that are at high risk of damage from exposure to light
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What you need before starting

There are four pages on the form. Page 1 (below) is your contact information, page 2 requires detailed information about your request, page 3 allows you to attach supporting documentation and page 4 allows you to review your request before submitting it.

Before starting to fill out this form, please ensure that you have all of the following information, which will be required on page 2:

  • Purpose of the analysis
  • Anticipated benefits and uses of the results of this analysis/examination
  • Type of object
  • Object description
  • Object name or title
  • Accession number
  • Owner contact information
  • Object creation date
  • Attribution
  • Dimensions (metric)
  • Weight (metric)
  • Condition of the object
  • Significance of the object
  • Requested completion date
  • Attachments

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    Personal information collection statement

    Privacy notice

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