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Mount-making for Museum Objects (second edition)

Robert Barclay, André Bergeron, and Carole Dignard (Illustrations by Carl Schlichting) This second edition provides up-to-date advice, ideas, and technical information on the mounting of museum objects for conservators, display technicians, designers, and other museum workers. Topics covered include reasons for supporting objects with mounts, recommended stable materials, tips on the choice of materials and their working properties, and methods for measuring artifacts. Objects with custom-made mounts are illustrated with photographs and line drawings, accompanied by a full description of each mount, the materials and tools used to make it, and the way it was made. A bibliography is also included. New in this second edition are technical updates on recommended materials, further information on mount design, full descriptions of three additional custom-made mounts, and more pictures of good mounts. Co-published with the Centre de conservation du Québec.
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21.5 x 23 cm (8.5 x 9”), paperback, 74 pp. 2002
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