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September 2016

During the past few months, the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) has been hard at work updating the CHIN job board to bring users some much sought after features.

Geographical Filter Added

By popular demand, a geographical filter has been added to the job board. This new feature is available in the ‘Advanced Search’ tab, and allows users to filter job postings by the location of their choice. The filter has been broken down by province and region, and even features an ‘Outside of Canada’ option. Users will also be able to specify other search fields such as Job Title, Job Description, Organization, and Location to further refine their search results.

Existing features such as the sort by location, date posted, and others have not been modified.

Advanced search interface screenshot

Posting a Job

Posting a job has never been easier! The instructions are now located directly in the form, whereas they were previously on a separate page. These instructions are located either above or below the text box, and provide useful tips for ensuring a comprehensive and well-structured job posting.

Useful tip example screenshot

Submitting and Editing Jobs

After submitting a job, users will be redirected to a confirmation page to inform them that the posting was received. We would like to remind users that a self-edit option for posted jobs is still not available. To make modifications to your job posting, please do not resubmit your job, simply contact the site editor at We are happy to help!

Confirmation page self-editing instructions screenshot

If you have any questions or feedback about these new features, please contact CHIN, we would love to hear from you.

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