Neanderthals walk again with augmented reality

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February 2015

With its new 3D application, the Natural History Museum of London shows us that human history never stops evolving! Over 35 000 years later, Neanderthals walk again thanks to augmented reality. Prehistory takes its first steps in 3.0!

Walking with Neanderthals – the evolution of the human gait

The Natural History Museum of London has developed this interactive application to enable Internet users to see a Neanderthal walk on their own desktop! With just a webcam and a printer, our most distant relative can come to life in 3D. With augmented reality, users can view a Neanderthal from all angles and get a detailed look at his features, his gait and even his facial expressions when in thought.

Both fun and fast-paced, this technology faithfully reproduces and illustrates all of the characteristics brought together by scientists. Standing on average 1.60 m and weighing between 60 and 85 kg, Neanderthals differ from Homo sapiens and rarely lived beyond 50 years. Augmented reality crunches all the data and enables us to bring our prehistoric cousin back to “life,” virtually speaking.

The augmented reality application is set to join those for Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis ancestor, and Coelophysis, a prehistoric dinosaur. All three appear in an interactive film, “Who do you think you really are,” shown at the Natural History Museum. This film takes visitors on a virtual journey through human evolution beginning with Earth’s early history.

Discover this 3D application by watching a short video of a Neanderthal on your computer!

A Neanderthal in augmented reality

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