With Audio+, MoMA rolls out the first digital transformation of its visitor’s guide

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April 2015

On , the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York announced the launch of MoMA Audio+, the new generation of its mobile distribution platform that provides digital content for visitors.

The MoMA Audio+ lets visitors listen to audio commentary on a selection of works in the permanent collection, as well as access, share and save additional content.

Visitors can use the integrated camera to take pictures, which can be saved along with other content viewed during the visit for access later through the museum’s website. The “My Path” feature connects the in-museum experience with a post-visit experience on the website, encouraging further exploration and discovery.

This new tool, distributed on iPod Touch and downloadable, is available free of charge to MoMA visitors thanks to the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies. “This informative and interactive app brings the experience of visiting MoMA into the digital age,” said former Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a statement. “It’s only fitting that MoMA, always on the cutting edge, is finding innovative new ways to connect visitors to great art—and to allow them to share their experiences with others.”

MoMA Audio+ replaced the traditional audio guides in July 2013 (only 100 traditional audio guides, or 5 percent of the total, are still in use) following a year of research and study conducted by a diverse group comprised of museum educators, researchers, programmers and designers. In one year, over 160 000 visitors have used and tested the new device’s many features, taken and shared over 700 000 pictures and accessed content saved during their personal tours.

Over 1 500 commentaries in nine languages

MoMA Audio+ offers a variety of content and audio tours, including a tour of the permanent collection, one for children and for the visually impaired, as well as a number of temporary exhibition tours. MoMA Audio+ is also compatible with magnetic induction loops.

Audio content may be accessed both inside and outside the museum. Inside MoMA, the iPod Touch is made available free of charge at the front desk (you are asked to leave a photo ID), or visitors can have access to continuously streaming content using their smartphones through the museum’s Wi-Fi network. At home, content is offered on MoMA‘s website or through a podcast subscription.

Evolving tool

MoMA will continue to develop MoMA Audio+, with a downloadable version, which will enhance the MoMA application. Antenna International is responsible for content production and the delivery of service, equipment and staff.

MoMA Audio+ was developed with the financial support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has awarded a $15-million grant to five cultural institutions for the launch of their new mobile guides: the Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The New York Botanical Garden, and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

This new guide completes MoMA‘s range of digital tools, which includes the website, social media networks, online courses and digital publications. Three million people visit the museum every year but a total of 43 million engage with it through vehicles like its web site and Facebook, said MoMA‘s director Glenn Lowry.

A user holds an iPod equipped with the MoMA audio guide

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