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Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter

July 2016

You might be surprised by how little time online users are willing to spend on your website when they are searching for information about your institution. The average visitor is increasingly looking for concise, easy-to-find information that can be understood within a short time frame.

Drupal Emerges as a Viable Content Management System for Museums

July 2015

Museum websites typically host a variety of content, from exhibition information to online collections, all of which needs to be updated regularly. This can be an issue when the initial website design was custom-built: the content can’t always be modified without making changes to the underlying code.

Can WordPress Host Entire Websites?

January 2015

As an open-source application, WordPress has gained significant popularity among bloggers. The ease of its setup and the user-friendliness of its interface have certainly contributed to its success.

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