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Nom de l'objet : Print, Photographic
Médium : paper, emulsion
Numéro d'accession : BR2012.14.4
Date de début de production : 1951
Date de fin de production : 1952
Description : A black and white photograph of Cameron Brownwell and his siblings. The children are seated outside in front of a large tree and all have large smiles. Clockwise from the top left: Gordon, Byron, Charles, Vicky, and Cameron. Gordon and Byron who are located wearing long sleeved button down shirts. While Charles and Cameron are wearing sweaters over their collared shirts. Vicky is wearing a short sleeved jumper with buttons down the front. Her hair is pulled into two 'pig-tails' and are adorned with ribbons.
Fonctions : Gordon and Mary Brownell, along with their children Gordon, Byron, Charles, Vicky, and Cameron, lived on Mississauga Road in Port Credit in a home that built by George and Charlotte Marshalls in the 1920s. The father enjoyed looking for First Nation artifacts with his children near their home. Gordon (1915-1980) worked for the Ministry of Lands and Forests for the Province of Ontario and also did restoration work for Grace Fairbairn at the Clarkson Market Antiques. Gordon later became an Anglican priest; the family was part of the congregation at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Erindale and were friends with Naomi Harris of Benares.
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